How to INVESTMENT and EARN money

Money Investment Tips in English
Talking in English on money investment tips is important because we have already talked about earning tips, money saving tips, etc. through this blog, so today, in view of this, we will try to know that man Money is also earned and some portion is also saved from that earning, but now the question arises, where does the person invest in the money saved? Let’s get a little more profit in the coming time. Although many investments such as investing in stock markets, investing in chit funds, etc. may be risky, where investing in the stock market is at risk of falling in the prices of that stock, the closure of companies such as chit fund etc. Therefore, through this article titled Money Investment tips, we will have to give some such investment ideas in which there are risks but are less and we want to make it clear here that Money Investment Ideas On the basis of which the financial adviser is given to that person, but here we will try to know about Money Investment tips while keeping this article in mind, keeping an average of the average Indian.

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme:

Those people who are above 60 years of age are called Senior Citizens. Therefore, if you are over 60, which means that you come under the category of Senior Citizens, then you can invest under this Senior Citizen Savings Scheme. The rate of interest given in this will be 8.4% which is more than the interest paid on other fixed deposits. Is there.


High interest rate
Tax saving under Section 80C.
Interest is paid quarterly, which provides liquidity.
You can close the account even before the completion of five years of maturity.
loss :

Can not invest more than 1.5 million.
Tax will be applicable on interest of more than 10000 in a year.
5% of total deposits in one year and 1% of total deposit in second year after closing the account first.
Read more about the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme.

National Pension System:

The Government has already done better than the National Pension System, so now it has joined the Best Money Investment tips. Generally, persons 18 to 60 years old can join NPS. It will be given tax benefit under Section 80C for a fixed investment such as 50000 under 80CCD (1B) and 1.5 lakhs. Since investment under this scheme is implemented by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority, investing in National Pension System is absolutely safe.

Read this for more information on National Pension System.

Public provident fund is a good option for investing.

A person who is doing business or small business, such a person should invest in Public Provident Fund by adopting our Money Investment Tips. The first question that comes in the mind of the investor before investing is that where my investment is in, my money is safe as PPF is also run by the Indian government, so it is 99.99% safe in terms of security. Apart from this there are various advantages of the investment, which are described in this way.

In this person can invest less than 500 and more than one lakh.
Both principal and interest will be free of tax.
The rate of interest given in this is 8%.
Read more for the public provident fund.

Money Market Fund:

Money Market Funds are proved as an alternative to investing for short term. Since the liquidity of such funds is the primary purpose, they are also called liquid funds. They get slightly higher interest rates than the savings account, they are expected to get returns of 5% to 9%, although this depends on the time and range of risk. Liquid funds are quite safe investment because they invest in fixed income securities of government and companies.

Fix Fix in Bank

For those people who want to invest 6 months to 60 months Money Investment tips It may be that they deposit their money in the bank by fixing it. This banking product, called Fix Deposit, is a product wh….


From Online Writing, our intention is to write online since Internet has started to take the speed even in India, perhaps all of you are aware of this because currently we see the live SIM of the phone in every person’s phone. The 4G internet provided by Xiao is currently so cheap that it has access to every section of society in India. Yes, it is necessary that this requires a 4G phone, so some people who can not afford 4G phones so far have been untouched by JIO. Apart from this, the second reason is not to reach the Zoos network in remote areas. But in areas where there is network access and if one member of a family has a JIO 4G SIM also in those areas, the whole family can enjoy the internet only through that phone, this is the reason why a data According to the number of Internet users in India, by 2021, the number of users will be doubled to 59%, which is now 30%. Increasing use of the internet
Read More
Money Investment Tips in Hindi

Talking in Hindi on money investment tips is important because we have already talked about earning tips, money saving tips, etc. through this blog, so today, in view of this, we will try to know that man Money is also earned and some portion is also saved from that earning, but now the question arises, where does the person invest in the money saved? Let’s get a little more profit in the coming time. Although many investments such as investing in stock markets, investing in chit funds, etc. may be risky, where investing in the stock market is at risk of falling in the prices of that stock, the closure of companies such as chit fund etc. Therefore, through this article titled Money Investment tips, we will have to give some such investment ideas in which there are risks but there is less and we want to make it clear here that Money Investment Ideas Based.

Business tips in English

Well if you are thinking of doing business. So, there will not be one in your mind, but many small business ideas will come. And will disappear from the brain. If this happens, then this means that till now you have not seen a list with our Small Business Ideas in English This is the list which we have presented in English . Choose one of them according to your business. And earn further information and training for the business that you have selected.

Ice Cream Banane Business

Do this before doing this business. That is, do you live in such a place where the number of children is high? | If the answer is yes, then you should make this ice cream business. Because this will be your child’s main customer in this business. You also must have felt, when children insist on eating ice cream. So it is such a stubbornness that every parent has to fulfill. Without eating ice cream, children are not willing to listen to anything. Well, what you have to do, you have to convert our children’s insistence into our business by adopting our Small Business Idea.
Read this article for more information on making ice cream business.

Cloth me Badge business


Who does not like to wear attractive clothes, everyone wants that they look attractive by wearing attractive clothes. But where talking about women’s clothing, only attractive clothes do not make clothes attractive. Make them attractive, embroidered and beijing made in the clothes. Therefore, you can also make a piece of embroidery and badge work in a piece of your Small Business Idea. Companies or people related to clothing business will come to you to give you this work. Or you can find your customers in the market yourself.

Read for information on readymade garment business.

Read about business information on making leather garments.

Read the business information about making buttons used in the textile industries.

Pop Corn Banane Ka business

Anyone can do this small business idea. But if you belong to rural area. So you can do this business, and by making Pop Corn, knowing its packaging method, the popcorn created can be sent to the cities through packaging. Because Pop Corn is mostly made from maize. And maize is cultivated only in rural India. So in the rural area you can get Raw Material cheap prices for making popcorn.

Paper Plates and Cup making business

The use of paper-made cup plates is not just in road side dhabas, tea shops, etc. In addition to being used in various events, it is also used in large companies. So to do Kamai from this small business idea, a very large area is looking at your path.
Read this for more information on paper plates and cup making business.

Rajai Gadde Takaye Banena Ka Kaam

The business of razai, mattresses, blankets etc. is not a Seasonal business. Yes, it is a different matter that in the winter, your robe and blanket will be sold a little more than the summer. Razai, mattress blankets not only buy people in winter. But can buy anytime. Because the transaction of rosewater, mattresses, blankets etc. is done according to the traditional method of custom. Like, in the marriage, the Pandit also has to give royalty, mattresses etc. on the passing of someone else, so it can be a good idea to start this business too at the small level.

Hair Salon Service (Naai Ki Dukan)

If you know someone like a haircut, haircut. Who is ready to work on wages. You can start with two men at the small level. So you can do kamai by doing our own hair salon by adopting this small business idea.
How To Start Beauty Parlor Business

Home tuition business

If you are proficient in any topic. Nowadays, parents living in rural areas have become very aware of their children’s education. This trend was already in the cities. By taking advantage of their awareness, you can take care of their children’s studies by taking their heads, either in their own home, or in their home tuition. And by making this small business idea part of your business, your Kamai


This blog is giving you tips on what you can earn money sitting at home.

The biggest problem in today’s time is money. If there is no money then life stops and often we hear, making money is not easy, but is it true? Yes, it is not easy, but it is impossible. Nothing impossible, nothing is difficult, but easily find what is that thing.

Well, that’s right, to earn money, small towns have to leave their homes and sometimes it becomes very difficult for some people because they are difficult to walk without them, nor can they leave the house They can not take them home and can not live without money. How to earn money sitting in the house. This question comes to mind. The answers to such questions will be found on the internet, so for this you have written this blog “How to earn money sitting at home” in Hindi. This blog is especially meant for the work of homemaker Staying in and want to give financial help to your family.And maybe it is also good for women because if the woman does not stay in the house then there is no happiness in the house and in today’s era husband Ni also important both tanning.

How to earn money sitting at home
How Can We Earn Money Sitting At Home In Hindi
It is a big question and my job is to help you, therefore, I am telling you some simple work through which you can earn money sitting at home and all these work is a work to start on low investment.

Create your own website:
If you know how to write and write good articles, then you can easily create your website. Nowadays, there is no lack of technical knowledge to build a website and the website becomes very easy. You can have a way to create our article website and easily create it.

Web Design:
If you have done engineering but can not go for a job outside of home or you have knowledge of web designing and want to do this, then you can do this work while sitting at home too. For which you can make your profile as a freelancer on the internet and you can take full knowledge of web designing from the internet. In this way you can earn money sitting at home.

Application Developer:
If you know how to make an application, then you do it as a freelancer through the internet. Today the demand for Android Apps is very high, so you can also reduce the money sitting in it.

Many small businessmen who need software or applications for their business but they can not afford more money to big companies. They need a developer. If you know this work, you can do this by training some day if you want to sit in the house. Taxes can work like a freelancer.

Content Writer:
If you are interested in writing then you can search on the internet if your english is good then you can make a lot of money. Today the content writing work is very strong. People are sitting at home by writing blogs, so you also have a profile of your freelancer You can put it in the form of writers. And easily write blogs and reduce the money sitting at home.

Content Writing Business:
If you want to work as a business man by investing some money and keep your ability, then the content writing business is very good. You can get all the information about it on the internet. After that, sitting at home can do this work.

Online coaching
Today, the method of online teaching is increasing. You can study the student through online classes, for which you will be able to get access to the proportional training internet. Find out about this and earn money by reading online at home.

Tiffin Center:
If you are interested in cooking, then this is a very good business in today’s time. This is good for many people with you because the person reads and earns only for the stomach. Therefore, he wishes to eat good tasty after getting tired all day long and if you have those qualities then you can earn by doing this for yourself. This work can be started at a small level before which you will not get too much cost. You can make some tiffin along with your home’s food and it will help you


How to full online income tax returns | income tax return online in English july 27, 2016 informational tips and tricks 6 comments tweet income tax return online in English this article we online income tax return how to file to tell about are: every year financial year over after every person who income tax to force the income tax Department in a form filling would give. This form through the person it’s declared that last year in he how revenue and he income how much-Tex (tax) full. That’s income tax return is called. How full online income tax return income tax return online in hindi currently financial year 2014-15 to form full be looking for. Way form filling the last on July 31, there is, but this time income tax return file to last date on August 31, has been. Income tax return (income tax return) who fill: the man whose income 5 lakh is it income tax return to fill it is. But if the person’s income 5 million less then too many such situations when it income tax return to fill reads. As a fd on investment done it coming interest your income will and it returns must fill, if you have your House for rent to be more income of income tax return to fill it is, salary and savings account to meet with interest with said and even if your income is even if you income tax return to fill it is. Focusing – 5 lakhs above income get person income tax now online file to remains | income tax return (income tax return) returns Phil to form: irt 1: this form comfortable form also called. This form of those people entered is whose income means of their salary, pension or interest and the person has a home, and he housing loan has happened to the same form is. Irt 2: if your income means salary, pension and interest in addition to more than one place to come rent, capital gain or dividends received from the income, then you this form will. This form huf for you can use irt 3: this form those for the logo is that of a business in the partner and their income source of only that is. Irt 4: this form all professionals such as the lawyer, doctor, ca etc. happens in addition, he who any business add to partner with professional income does it the same form will. Irt 4s: this form those small traders to whose annual income 60 million low and a professional person whose income 60 million is less than they are the same form is. These people editing make need not. Income tax return how filled (how to file income tax return online in hindi): financial year 2014-15 (assessment year 2015-16) of over on every individual income tax Department in a form of: this form through the person its annual income on a proper Tex fills. It takes for everyone different would like pay income for the different and traders of different. Anyway person who pay bhogi their every year at -16 fill essentially is: it that person’s annual income described is and then made by the capital related on investment discounts the replies that all add down to the amount is, he income tax Department in deposit to occurs. Ditto every business whether it be small or large your every income expense of the information written holds. Which he every year at the end in itself or any professional person your balance sheet prepares and your business add to be profit or Hani tells and reasonable price income tax Department to pay day. Every person who 5 lakh income get it now online income tax fill it is. Here we are a few simple steps tell which you your online income tax fill in assisted will | step 1: your e- filling the account created: your income tax online account to make you first income tax of the website on the go replies and there on the register yourself click would | there on the given all personal detail to fill and your account create would. When your account at a time of race


With the help of online shopping tips in English , you can easily buy any goods you have received on the Internet. Work is started by online shopping goods and service vendor company.

What is Online Shopping?

Online shopping means buying a service or service on the Internet, through online shopping, you can buy anything at home. Only when the concept of word wide web came, goods and service vendor comnio started selling their identical users online. Those who spend time at home or in office at their computer or laptop. Through this online shopping, customers can buy many products online at home. Such as house hold material, food items, clothes, furniture etc. But if you want to do online shopping, it is important that you use the Internet and you have a card to pay for things like debit card or credit card etc.



Online shopping starts:

Online shopping started in 1979 by Michael Aldrich. They used the television for it, and seeing the item on TV, customers could order their order through the telephone. In March 1980, he launched the redifon’s office revolution through which consumers, customers, agents, distributors, suppliers and service companies could connect online. Created in 1990 with the first word wide web server and browser Tim Burner’s Lee. And its OFFICIAL US happened in 1991.

Online shopping advantages:

In online shopping we have given you below its benefits. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

With online shopping, you can shop at any time in 24 hours, but if you buy something from a shop then it does not happen that you have to shop at the time of opening of the shop.
If you have a list of all the products available through online shopping, you can combine products so that you can do it.
If you are shopping online, you can also combine the price of the product.
If you do online shopping then your time is saved. You can shop with your system in less time as you sit at home.
If you shop online from your computer while sitting at home, you avoid the trouble of parking for shopping goods.
If you do online shopping then you do not have to worry about getting into the billing line.
If you are shopping online, then you are brought to your home by the same company. On the contrary, if you go shopping at the shopping mall or shop, then you have to bring your own self.
If you are shopping online and you are not satisfied with your liking, then you can make a similar return. You get your money back.
Online shopping disadvantages:

In online shopping we will tell you some of its losses. If there are some benefits of online shopping then there are some nuances.

 If you do online shopping then you can not touch things like Normal shopping and do not try to see your shopping items by watching the screen erase. On the contrary, in simple shopping, you can touch things and try to wear clothes. Can see their material, etc.
When you do online shopping, you also pay your own tax online, so you have the potential for fraud.
When you are shopping online and you do not like the same or if you have to return the same due to some reason, then you have to face a lot of problems in returning your equal amount and your money is also difficult to return. It comes in your account only.
If you do shopping online, then you have to wait for some time to get your own, when you shop from the Normal Shop, you can get it right away.
According to the article in Online shopping in Hindi, online shopping is still trending in spite of all these advantages and disadvantages. Many customers have started using online shopping due to Bizi Shadyul, seeing this changing online user. Nowadays, the new customer’s first choice is online shopping. As people are gradually becoming friendly with the system, they have started liking the online shopping too. Nowadays, if people are sitting in the open, their best still thanks for read.


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