From Online Writing, our intention is to write online since Internet has started to take the speed even in India, perhaps all of you are aware of this because currently we see the live SIM of the phone in every person’s phone. The 4G internet provided by Xiao is currently so cheap that it has access to every section of society in India. Yes, it is necessary that this requires a 4G phone, so some people who can not afford 4G phones so far have been untouched by JIO. Apart from this, the second reason is not to reach the Zoos network in remote areas. But in areas where there is network access and if one member of a family has a JIO 4G SIM also in those areas, the whole family can enjoy the internet only through that phone, this is the reason why a data According to the number of Internet users in India, by 2021, the number of users will be doubled to 59%, which is now 30%. Increasing use of the internet
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Money Investment Tips in Hindi

Talking in Hindi on money investment tips is important because we have already talked about earning tips, money saving tips, etc. through this blog, so today, in view of this, we will try to know that man Money is also earned and some portion is also saved from that earning, but now the question arises, where does the person invest in the money saved? Let’s get a little more profit in the coming time. Although many investments such as investing in stock markets, investing in chit funds, etc. may be risky, where investing in the stock market is at risk of falling in the prices of that stock, the closure of companies such as chit fund etc. Therefore, through this article titled Money Investment tips, we will have to give some such investment ideas in which there are risks but there is less and we want to make it clear here that Money Investment Ideas Based.