How to INVESTMENT and EARN money

Money Investment Tips in English
Talking in English on money investment tips is important because we have already talked about earning tips, money saving tips, etc. through this blog, so today, in view of this, we will try to know that man Money is also earned and some portion is also saved from that earning, but now the question arises, where does the person invest in the money saved? Let’s get a little more profit in the coming time. Although many investments such as investing in stock markets, investing in chit funds, etc. may be risky, where investing in the stock market is at risk of falling in the prices of that stock, the closure of companies such as chit fund etc. Therefore, through this article titled Money Investment tips, we will have to give some such investment ideas in which there are risks but are less and we want to make it clear here that Money Investment Ideas On the basis of which the financial adviser is given to that person, but here we will try to know about Money Investment tips while keeping this article in mind, keeping an average of the average Indian.

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme:

Those people who are above 60 years of age are called Senior Citizens. Therefore, if you are over 60, which means that you come under the category of Senior Citizens, then you can invest under this Senior Citizen Savings Scheme. The rate of interest given in this will be 8.4% which is more than the interest paid on other fixed deposits. Is there.


High interest rate
Tax saving under Section 80C.
Interest is paid quarterly, which provides liquidity.
You can close the account even before the completion of five years of maturity.
loss :

Can not invest more than 1.5 million.
Tax will be applicable on interest of more than 10000 in a year.
5% of total deposits in one year and 1% of total deposit in second year after closing the account first.
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National Pension System:

The Government has already done better than the National Pension System, so now it has joined the Best Money Investment tips. Generally, persons 18 to 60 years old can join NPS. It will be given tax benefit under Section 80C for a fixed investment such as 50000 under 80CCD (1B) and 1.5 lakhs. Since investment under this scheme is implemented by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority, investing in National Pension System is absolutely safe.

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Public provident fund is a good option for investing.

A person who is doing business or small business, such a person should invest in Public Provident Fund by adopting our Money Investment Tips. The first question that comes in the mind of the investor before investing is that where my investment is in, my money is safe as PPF is also run by the Indian government, so it is 99.99% safe in terms of security. Apart from this there are various advantages of the investment, which are described in this way.

In this person can invest less than 500 and more than one lakh.
Both principal and interest will be free of tax.
The rate of interest given in this is 8%.
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Money Market Fund:

Money Market Funds are proved as an alternative to investing for short term. Since the liquidity of such funds is the primary purpose, they are also called liquid funds. They get slightly higher interest rates than the savings account, they are expected to get returns of 5% to 9%, although this depends on the time and range of risk. Liquid funds are quite safe investment because they invest in fixed income securities of government and companies.

Fix Fix in Bank

For those people who want to invest 6 months to 60 months Money Investment tips It may be that they deposit their money in the bank by fixing it. This banking product, called Fix Deposit, is a product wh….