Business tips in English

Well if you are thinking of doing business. So, there will not be one in your mind, but many small business ideas will come. And will disappear from the brain. If this happens, then this means that till now you have not seen a list with our Small Business Ideas in English This is the list which we have presented in English . Choose one of them according to your business. And earn further information and training for the business that you have selected.

Ice Cream Banane Business

Do this before doing this business. That is, do you live in such a place where the number of children is high? | If the answer is yes, then you should make this ice cream business. Because this will be your child’s main customer in this business. You also must have felt, when children insist on eating ice cream. So it is such a stubbornness that every parent has to fulfill. Without eating ice cream, children are not willing to listen to anything. Well, what you have to do, you have to convert our children’s insistence into our business by adopting our Small Business Idea.
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Cloth me Badge business


Who does not like to wear attractive clothes, everyone wants that they look attractive by wearing attractive clothes. But where talking about women’s clothing, only attractive clothes do not make clothes attractive. Make them attractive, embroidered and beijing made in the clothes. Therefore, you can also make a piece of embroidery and badge work in a piece of your Small Business Idea. Companies or people related to clothing business will come to you to give you this work. Or you can find your customers in the market yourself.

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Pop Corn Banane Ka business

Anyone can do this small business idea. But if you belong to rural area. So you can do this business, and by making Pop Corn, knowing its packaging method, the popcorn created can be sent to the cities through packaging. Because Pop Corn is mostly made from maize. And maize is cultivated only in rural India. So in the rural area you can get Raw Material cheap prices for making popcorn.

Paper Plates and Cup making business

The use of paper-made cup plates is not just in road side dhabas, tea shops, etc. In addition to being used in various events, it is also used in large companies. So to do Kamai from this small business idea, a very large area is looking at your path.
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Rajai Gadde Takaye Banena Ka Kaam

The business of razai, mattresses, blankets etc. is not a Seasonal business. Yes, it is a different matter that in the winter, your robe and blanket will be sold a little more than the summer. Razai, mattress blankets not only buy people in winter. But can buy anytime. Because the transaction of rosewater, mattresses, blankets etc. is done according to the traditional method of custom. Like, in the marriage, the Pandit also has to give royalty, mattresses etc. on the passing of someone else, so it can be a good idea to start this business too at the small level.

Hair Salon Service (Naai Ki Dukan)

If you know someone like a haircut, haircut. Who is ready to work on wages. You can start with two men at the small level. So you can do kamai by doing our own hair salon by adopting this small business idea.
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Home tuition business

If you are proficient in any topic. Nowadays, parents living in rural areas have become very aware of their children’s education. This trend was already in the cities. By taking advantage of their awareness, you can take care of their children’s studies by taking their heads, either in their own home, or in their home tuition. And by making this small business idea part of your business, your Kamai